We Are Redefining Africa's Commodity Supply Chain.

We are engaged in the business of commodities trade. Our primary products are Cocoa, Soya, Coffee & Cashew.


We leverage ethical local collaborations to meet the increasing demand for Africa-sourced agricultural commodities in the global market.

Our company was established with the objective of transforming the commodity and agricultural trading sector in Nigeria and Africa by engaging in large-scale commodity trading and processing into semi and finished agricultural commodities with a particular emphasis on enhancing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. 


To become the leading commodities trading company in Africa, changing the way trading is done by bringing into play our innovative approach and leveraging relationships and our expertise.


To always deliver the highest quality commodities to local and international markets -while offering innovation-fueled services to all our stakeholders.

Core values

We are committed to always ensuring Excellence & Total Quality, Maintaining Cost leadership, People-first Oriented and Innovation Driven

Our Operations


We have a network of qualified field operations personnel in diverse locations across Nigeria where we source produce. Our Quality Control team are hands-on to ensure our produce always meet quality specifications.

Corporate Resources

Our Administrative functions are hosted at our corporate head office Located in Lagos, Nigeria, home to the major port terminals and export processing zones.

Commodity Processing

Our processing centers are locally and internationally certified to produce and package raw cashews into semi-finished and finished products.


We engage the end-to-end logistics requirements of fulfilling the delivery of produce to customers desired location. Our warehouses and logistics operations are strategic and efficient in preserving produce quality while in transit.​


Our Locations

Our operations are in Ikom (Cross River State), Sagamu (Ogun State) and Ojota (Lagos State). These locations were strategically chosen for their access to Agricultural resources and proximity to major transportation routes all in Southern Nigeria. The consideration for these facilities are access to ports, rail lines and durable road systems in order to to optimise and ensure efficient distribution of our products. Our future expansion plan is to replicate same in Eastern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria and other neighboring African countries.

“We’re remaining in the lead through strategic value Management”

Our corporate policies are integral to building and maintaining a positive reputation, fostering long-term relationships with stakeholders, and achieving sustainable success.

We’re committed to being a leading export value company through strategic Value Management. As such, we operate in a manner that is socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable. This involves taking into account the impact of our operations on the environment, promoting diversity and inclusion in our workforce, ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, and contributing to the development of the communities we operate in.

Our Partners

We Are Accredited

“In February 2023, Cardinal Torch obtained a BBB rating, evidencing our strong growth in just 3 years of operations”

Cardinal Torch is proud to hold a BBB credit rating, indicating a strong creditworthiness and a relatively low risk of defaulting on financial obligations. This rating reflects our company’s commitment to financial stability and responsible management practices, as assessed by independent credit rating agencies. It is a testament to our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business partner, which can provide assurance to our stakeholders and customers alike. We will continue to strive for excellence in our operations and financial management to maintain this high rating and uphold the confidence of our stakeholders.

"Our company has Dun & Bradstreet accreditation, which is a significant achievement in the business world"

This accreditation demonstrates our company's commitment to maintaining high standards of financial stability, creditworthiness, and business transparency. Dun & Bradstreet is a leading global provider of business data and insights, and their accreditation process involves a rigorous evaluation of a company's financial health and operational history. As an accredited company, we can proudly showcase our reliability and trustworthiness to our clients, partners, and stakeholders, which helps to build confidence in our brand and enhance our reputation in the industry.

Our growth is overseen by a formidable team of astute stakeholders whose expertise and experience is powering the company’s growth.

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