Cardinal Torch’s New Office

Staff end WFH to begin enjoying the new collaborative workspace

Cardinal Torch's Exquisite New Office

Cardinal Torch Company Limited has recently relocated to its new office corporate address in Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Founded in 2020 at the start of the Pandemic, Cardinal Torch activated teams to collaborate for service delivery remotely. As a toast to the strong work ethic displayed by team members, the company experienced significant growth in the years following. Due to projected business growth, it became imperative to have an office facility to receive partners and prospective customers, further necessitating that staff also have work spaces that allow them operate efficiently.

New Office Features

The new office office features well lit and ventilated work spaces, a front office with waiting areas, meeting rooms, a dinette and restroom facilities. These, along with the management operating an open-door policy, the amiable  work culture amongst staff  members, makes the office a conducive place for sharing ideas, teaming up, scaling operations and showcasing  results.

Cardinal Torch's New Office
Cardinal Torch's Exquisite Office address

New office, New wins!

Since making the move to end work-from-home, WFH, Cardinal Torch has recorded wins that serve to reassure everyone that the move to co-working it is a worthy endeavour. In early January, Cardinal Torch was selected to be one of 25 finalists from a pool of over 1000 applicants to the Benue State hosted Agro-hack  Challenge from which we emerged second place. The event was co-sponsored by a number of international Partners including the UNDP, Government of Japan, First City Monument Bank (FCMB) etc.. On the heels of that was also news of our credit rating of BBB which signifies the fitness and readiness to source OTC investment from the capital markets.

Cardinal Torch's Journey and insights from 2022 Agrohack Business Incubation Bootcamp

Collaborating beyond the new office

Cardinal Torch teams continue to collaborate remotely. For instance, the operations team which coordinates the upstream portion of the supply chain from the south-south and south-west in Nigeria liaises with logistics team members in diverse locations to move export-ready produce to designated warehousing. Also, weekly meetings continue to be hybrid, enabling all company members participate and be up-to-date on action in the diverse arms of the business.

Welfare onboard

In the bid to make the end to WFH a more rewarding experience, management is introducing a welfare package that allows for easy commute of staff members to and from work. The intervention is especially timely in the face of the fiscal challenges the nation is facing and it is foreseen that this will keep teams invigorated and motivated to bag bigger wins.

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