Our Ready-to- Eat Brands are Coming Soon.


Our current Capacity is 200MT Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN), and 50MT Semi-processed cashews, monthly. Our table-ready brands will be launched in Q4 2023.

Cashew nut kernels are mainly used for the snack market as a roasted and salted snack. Due to the lovely taste, the cashew nut is seen as an upper class nut. The cashew nut is becoming of more and more interest to industrial users and is as such used for cookies, cereals and is also promoted as a topping on ice-cream.


Cardinal Torch is strong player in  global Cocoa trade, shipping up to 200MT of cocoa products to overseas buyers monthly. One way we participate sustainably is by leveraging ethical local partnerships that ensure an equitable chance of prosperity for all.  We’re socially responsible to our buyers, communities and team.


Coffee is such an important dietary staple across the world that it has spawned a staggeringly large economy of its own. Coffee roasters, packers, growers, marketers and coffee equipment manufacturers depend on the commodity as do dairy producers and restaurant operators.

Coffee commodity prices, therefore, play a vital role in the global economy.


Soybeans are an edible legume native to Asia and are an important source of protein in many modern diets. Chinese farmers first domesticated soybeans around 1100 BC. Since that time, cultures around the world have cultivated the crop as a food source. 

Soybean plants grow in any climate with a warm growing season and ample water and sun. Farmers plant seeds in rows, and in four to seven days they sprout into plants. 

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